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Who we are

Hostogether is a global community where vacation rental owners expand their businesses and become better hosts by sharing and collaborating with each other.

We are building a global community of vacation rental owners, to bring to you an alternative source of bookings to complement your vacation rental sites, for less dependence and lower cost.

We are preparing to launch with a strong community and our goal is to have as many hosts as possible in our community when we launch in October.

Help us grow this community and grow with us.

Together we are stronger!

who we are

Why Join

Join Hostogether to complement your current listing sites with more bookings from our tools and the sharing and collaboration between Hosts and Owners:
  • Direct Bookings on your property website. Automated proven social media strategies increase your social media presence and reach to bring more travellers to your property directly from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Referral Bookings from other Hostogether members that automatically refer your property to their guests and friends.
  • A leading Channel Manager connecting you to more than 50 listing sites to bring you instant bookings from all over the world.
By joining Hostogether you will have access to a complete platform that will enhance your property presence in the digital world:
Your own Property Website with direct booking and electronic payment capabilities and tools to promote your property on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. join now!
A Referral Program with automatic emails and social media posts, through which hosts recommend and refer each other properties to their guests and friends. Earn additional revenue by getting a 4% commission on the bookings you refer to other Hostogether members. join now!
An excellent price for a leading Channel Manager to maximize your exposure to travellers from all over the world in more than 50 listing sites. join now!
You will have access to Hostogether technology by acquiring a Community Membership*:

Free + 6% on direct bookings + 4% on referral program commission


35€/month + 4% on referral program commission

Channel Manager (optional): 8€/month
*Prices per property


Register now to have a Free 3 month Premium Membership + Channel Manager

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As the community grows you will have a place where you get:

More income

Together, hosts can pool their marketing efforts recommending each other to guests, explore new revenue opportunities and access new listing sites.

More knowledge

Together, hosts can share their experiences, knowledge and best practices to help each other become better hosts and better serve their guests.

More impact

Together, hosts can benefit from the power of many, accessing more services and better prices, having more influence in the regulation of their business and more strength to promote their causes.

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more income

Generate bookings from social networks with easy-to-use promotion tools.

Have other hosts recommending your properties to their guests.

Earn from the bookings and services you recommend to your guests.

List your property in more than 50 listing sites.

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cross selling

Guest services

more distribution channels

more knowledge

Learn from experiences shared by other hosts and share yours to help others.

Access best practices and expert advice from Hostogether

Choose services rated and recommended by other hosts to better manage your properties and welcome your guests.

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Shared experiences

best practices


more impact

Access the power of many to get better prices for services you need.

Get discounts on commission fees from listing sites.

Act as a single voice with other hosts for your causes and influence regulation for your business.

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more services

better prices and commissions

supporting causes

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Why every host should join the Hostogether community.

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